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Mediserv International is a medical assistance company that specializes in providing access to medical care to its members even under the most adverse conditions. Mediserv International is the only company in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean that is exclusively devoted to developing and delivering such life-saving services since 1997.

The company has engaged strategic alliances with service-provider networks internationally, which together comprises the world's largest provider of medical and security assistance, as well as is the leading provider of remote medical services in the world.

This alliance empowers Mediserv International to provide its client-membership with unprecedented access to a wide range of professional, security, medical and technical support services in 70 languages via, among other things, a full-time staff of 2,600 professionals operating in 25, 24-hour Alarm Centres, 21 international clinics and more than 180 remote site medical facilities across five continents.

This level of service is enjoyed by more than 4,000 institutional clients including 60% of the Fortune 500 companies and to those living in, as well as traveling outside, their home countries.

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