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    • All benefits are paid in US Dollars
    • Up to $45,000 US coverage Family Limited Sum Assured
    • Up to $90,000 US coverage Family Supreme Coverage
    • Flexible coverage periods from eight days to ten months
    • Provides Comprehensive Travel Protection
    • Provides Emergency Medical Stabilization
    • Emergency Prescription Replacement
    • Emergency Medical Repatriation
    • Provides Emergency Medical Evacuation via Air Ambulance
    • Emergency Dental Benefit
    • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Benefit
    • Trip Delay Benefit
    • Loss of Baggage Benefit
    • Baggage Delay Benefit
    • Emergency Travel Assistance
    • Assistance with Lost Travel Documents
    • Loss Rented Passenger Vehicle
    • Covers many Declared Pre-exiting Conditions
    • General Travel Assistance
    • International Service Providers
    • 24 Hrs Emergency Response
    • Emergency Hospital Assistance
    • Pays Airfare, Hotel for Compassion Care Visit to Sick Member
    • Provides Medical Report to Relatives at Home
    • Provides Financial Guarantee for Hospital Admittance
    • Assistance in Locating Professional or other Support Services
    • Translation Assistance
    • Covers Physical Injuries
    • Medical Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    • Repatriation of Minor Children
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