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Great for the Supervisory, Field, Office or Factory Worker
  • Coverage up to $1,000,000

  • For persons who are primarily concerned with economy and do not mind a little reduction in his/her reimbursement but want a broad range of benefits.

  • Reasonably low deductible with slightly increased co-payment in claims between $80 and $1000.

  • This person desires the wide range of benefits being covered.

  • GEMS – (Guarantor, Emergencies, Medicare, and Services): – Enables emergency hospital admittance without the need for a down payment. Mediserv gives the hospital an unconditional guarantee of payment thus enhancing its willingness to admit you in an emergency

  • Provides coverage until death

  • Participates in the Blood for Life Program; a blood banking management service for providing life-saving blood to you and your family in time of emergency.

  • Preserves coverage when changing jobs

  • Excellent for Organ transplants, Diagnostics

  • This person prefers to pay less for and receive reduced Dental and Vision benefits.

  • For the person who desires to pay less for chronic illnesses since he perceives that his medical history and lifestyle reduces his risk of contracting such illnesses.

Ideal for income range: $2300.00 - 3000.00+/month

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