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Mediserv Medical Plan is a product/service developed for members of Mediserv International Ltd and Capital Ventures Ltd. via the concept of the Ventures & Investments Programme (VIP); a benefit programme administered by Capital Ventures Ltd, designed to attract members of the public.

Mediserv is also charged with developing concepts and provide improved access to medical care, even under adverse conditions, (also called Health Security) to all members of the VIP who desire such benefits.

During its early marketing run (1997 - 1999), the MMP was marketed by Capital Ventures Ltd. In 1999 Mediserv International Ltd. was incorporated and took over full management, underwriting, and marketing responsibilities. The company maintains two offices in Trinidad; one in San Fernando , the other in Port of Spain .


Samuel Bernard, the CEO, has years of experience in the business and has worked diligently to ensure the success of the company. Previously he has developed several successful enterprises which he then sold. He has worked in a variety of service industries selling and marketing products and services.

Samuel has set and maintains very high standards for member service. Many members have joined because of their confidence in the service we provide and the respect for our employees.

Under current management, a strong team of very dedicated people who love to work with people has been formed. The company has a very high retention rate of its workers. Also very many of the members who joined the plan in 1997-1998 are still enrolled.

Our Network

The company is part of a worldwide network that is dedicated to the provision of medical assistance and security services to persons living at home or traveling outside of their home countries.

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