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  • Coverage up to $100,000

  • Provides the only opportunity for person’s age sixty (60) and over to enroll into a medical plan.

  • Includes all Surgeries, Diagnostics, Organ transplants plus all major illnesses. Includes all minor illnesses.

  • Excellent for getting medical treatment at hospitals in emergencies.

  • GEMS – (Guarantor, Emergencies, Medicare, and Services): – Enables emergency hospital admittance without the need for a down payment. Mediserv gives the hospital an unconditional guarantee of payment thus enhancing its willingness to admit you in an emergency.

  • Provides coverage until death

  • Preserves Coverage without loss of benefits when changing jobs

  • Prescription Drug & Therapy

  • Optional Coverage of Pre-Existing Conditions

  • Optional Coverage for Economic Dependants

  • Ground Ambulance Reimbursement

All applicants and dependents age sixty (60) and over require the completion of a medical report signed by an attending doctor. Will accept dependents who are younger than age sixty (60).


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